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I Wrote A Thing? Yeah. That.

So. I wrote this thing. This Teen Wolf thing. This Sterek Teen Wolf thing. There's um... well, m-preg and um, Alpha/Omega dynamics and I JUST WANTED TO OK?



Go for it then? Yeah. Do that. 

"Ok, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," Derek responds tightly, but his body is turned away so there's definitely something wrong.

Stiles sighs and cradles the baby in his arms closer. "You know," he says softly, "I'd have thought you'd be a bit more happy about this. About us."

Derek had certainly seemed happy, in his own way of course, when Stiles had been pregnant. And now that the baby is here, well, Derek has been avoiding her at all costs.  It's hurtful. This is their child, with both Derek and Stiles' flesh and blood. Stiles doesn't understand the avoidance, but he wants to. He just wants Derek to trust him. 

Apparently, what he's said strikes a chord and Derek spins around, a conflicted expression on his face. He almost flinches when he sees the baby though, doesn't move toward them. 

"Of course I'm happy, how could you ever think otherwise?" Derek growls and he has no right to sound that pissed, that hurt or betrayed right now.

"Let's see," Stiles says, lowering his voice as the baby fusses. "You've barely spent any time with me or our daughter since she was born, and I get that it's a big change, but it's been three weeks Derek. Talk to me. Stop - stop avoiding us." And it's been hurting him, Derek has to see that. "I - I thought you wanted this," he whispers and now Stiles just wants to run away, to hide, but he's not 16 anymore.

Derek's arms are around him then, holding him close, the baby between them and Derek is murmuring, "I do, I do. Shit, shit, Stiles, I'm sorry, god." He just holds them, the both of them, in his arms and this feels right, Stiles thinks. This, the three of them together. A pack. A family.

"Then wh - ?"

"I'm afraid," Derek says plainly, hurriedly, not daring to let go.

Stiles sighs. "I know it's a big change, but - "

"I can handle the change Stiles," he snarks,  and Stiles falls silent, letting him talk. "It's her," he says, nodding down to the baby in Stiles' arms, sleeping more soundly with bother her parents around. "I didn't know she'd be so... so small and fragile. And I'm too afraid to even touch her, I might break her. I'm afraid I might hurt her," Derek whispers. And Stiles gets it, is the thing. That moment, when you realizes you have this power over someone and that you could end them at any moment. It's terrifying. But.

"Oh," Stiles says. Then, "Derek, how did you get past that with me?" he asks.

"I love you, you idiot," Derek says gruffly. "Why would I ever let myself hurt you?" There's a moment of silence, a pregnant pause, and then Derek says, a bit deflated, "Oh."

And Stiles rolls his eyes, kisses him quick and says, "Yeah, oh."

He steps back then, rocks the bundle in his arms and then says to Derek, "Arms out."

Derek pales though, says, "Stiles, I don't think that's - "

"No, I think it's waited long enough," Stiles cuts him off with. "Now, arms out." Derek does so, albeit a bit reluctantly, and Stiles places the small bundle in his arms, adjusting his grip on the baby so Derek is supporting her head and body correctly. 

Derek is awkward at first, down right terrified of himself, but after Stiles makes his adjustments, she snuggles close and yawns a bit, her little pink mouth stretching in an 'o', and all of Derek's apprehension melts away. Stiles sees the exact moment his mate becomes devoted to their child. It's actually quite beautiful to witness.

Stiles stands beside Derek, the Alpha wrapping his free arm around the Omega's shoulders, the baby small enough to git in the crook of one arm. "Hey baby girl," Stiles says, leaning on Derek's shoulder as she wakes up in his mate's arms, familiarizing herself with Derek's scent and face. "Meet your daddy," he says, and Derek holds them both close, protectively, possessively. 

She gurgles up at him, and then Derek's face softens and he says loving to the baby girl in his arms, their daughter, "Hey there... Laura."

That wasn't too horrible... was it?
Tags: alpha/omega, babies, m-preg, sterek, teen wolf

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